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Psychology in UX

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I've just launched @cognitive_uxd's Patreon page. 🚀

First of all, THANK YOU 🙏! Thank you for reading my newsletter week by week. Thank you for your persistent enthusiasm in this topic, and thank you for being the member of this community. When I started Cognitive UXD, my intention was to create a fully free resource for people who also have the same interest in Cognitive Psychology & UX like me. I have always thought that knowledge should be free and accessible for everyone. For me, CognitiveUXD has been an investment - just like any investment in books, courses or donating to a cause. But nowadays, my recurring costs are growing. This is why I’d like to ask for your help. By contributing as little as $2 per month, patrons will enable me to keep CognitiveUXD "Sponsors Free" forever! By this donation, I’ll be able to dedicate more of my time to curate. By helping me, I can cover my costs more easily. UX ❤️Psychology 🙏

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